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What is a CS(Company Secretary) course?

The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) offers the Company Secretary course (CS) which is designed to regulate the profession of company secretaries in India. The CS course is set up under the Company Secretaries Act, of 1980.

Duration of CS Course:  4.5 years.

Who is CS?

A company secretary is a highly important position in both private and public sector organizations. The company secretary is responsible for a wide range of tasks, from keeping records and preparing meeting minutes to act as a liaison between the board of directors and shareholders. In larger organizations, the company secretary may also be responsible for managing the organization’s website and social media presence.

CS Course Details



Full form

Company Secretary


Foundation Programme (10+2 pass or equivalent)

Executive Programme (Graduation)

Professional Programme (Executive Programme)


Foundation Programme (8 Months)

Executive Programme (9 months)

Professional Programme (10Months)

Fee Offered

Foundation Programme= Rs. 3,600

Executive Programme= RS. 7000

Professional Programme= Rs. 12000

Course Type


Starting salary offered

3 – 5 Lakhs

Similar Course


Employment opportunities

Assistance to the Board of Directors, Legal Advisor, Corporate Policymaker, Principal Secretary

Levels of CS:

  • CS Foundation: CS Foundation is the first stage to clear for becoming CS i.e., Company secretary.
  • CS Executive: The CS course at the Intermediate level (ICSI: Intermediate Examination) consists of only theoretical examinations.
  • CS Professional: The Institute of Company Secretaries of India (ICSI) offers a company secretary course (CS), which is regulated by the Company Secretaries Act, 1980. The CS course consists of two stages – the CS executive and the CS professional programmes.
CS Course Fees Structure

Course Fee for each Programme for CS coaching Jaipur is different and they are as follows

Foundation Programme:

  • Admission Fee is Rs. 1200
  •  Tuition Fee is Rs. 2400

Total Fees for CS coaching for Foundation Programme is Rs.3600

Executive Programme:

  • Registration Fee is Rs. 1500
  • Foundation Examination Exemption Fee is Rs. 500
  • Tuition Fee is Rs. 5000

Total Fees for CS coaching for Executive Programme is RS. 7000

Professional Programme:

  • Registration Fee is Rs. 1500
  • Exemption from Foundation Examination Fee = Rs. 500
  • Exemption from the Executive Programme Examination Fee is Rs. 500
  • Tuition Fee is Rs. 9500

Total Fees for CS Professional Programme is 12000

Job Opportunities after Becoming CS:
  • Foreign Collaborations and Joint Ventures
  • Legal, Secretarial and Corporate Governance
  • Project Planning
  • Capital Market and Investor Relations
  • Corporate Advisory Services
  • Corporate Restructuring

Career Options

  • Manager
  • Assistant Manager
  • Bank and building societies
  • Employer’s cooperatives
  • Housing Associations
  • Insurance companies
  • Investment sectors
  • Trade bodies

Stages to become a Company Secretary

Stage 1


Stage 2

CS Executive Course (8 papers)

Stage 3

CS Professional Course (9 papers)

Stage 4

Pre-membership training

Stage 5

CS Membership 

Stage 6

Continuing Professional Development

Company Secretary Course Highlights

Course Name

Company Secretary

Short name


Level and CS course duration

The CS programme comprises two levels:


  1. CS executive – 9 months
  2. CS Professional – 15 months

Company Secretary eligibility criteria

CS Executive:

  • Qualify CSEET exam
  • Candidates need to pass the Class 12th exam

CS Professional:

  • Candidates should have passed the CS executive exam

Company Secretary Job profiles

Legal Advisor, Corporate Policymaker, Corporate Planner, Chief Administrative Officer etc.

CS Learning mode

Class room or postal coaching.

CS Registration valid until

3 to 5 years

Education opportunities after CS course 

PhD in Commerce, Management and Law

Compulsory training duration for CS course

15 months

Admission criteria

Through CSEET at the entry level (exemptions as per guidelines)

CS Coaching Jaipur